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[ Mimi appears on screen, looking almost as cheerful as ever. From the way she's fidgeting, though, it's clear something is troubling her. ]

Um... I have a question. My Hoppip, Hanemaru, he evolved yesterday! [ The camera pans down to reveal a green blob, nearly twice the size the pink one had been, clutched protectively in Mimi's arms. ] Now he's a Skiploom, I think? And, well...

[ Here comes the part she's been gearing up to ask. She blurts: ]

We've been in several battles since then, and he hasn't changed back! How long does it usually take? Is something wrong with him, do you think? Ohhh, Hanemaru, I hope you're okay!

[ She clutches him tighter as the video ends. ]
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Ugh! [ Mimi glares at the sky in frustration. She's already been walking for a couple days, with a liberal definition of "walking" that includes frequent breaks to rest. The food she's found in her bag is okay, but nothing like her real mama's cooking (where's the natto?). And she is just so done with traveling on foot. ]

[ It's at around this point that she becomes distracted by a blob of pink floating past her. ] Oh my gosh, what is that? It's so cute! [ Her troubles momentarily forgotten, Mimi points her PokéGear at the blob, identifying it as a Hoppip. At the same time, the Hoppip turns and, with a look of determination scrunching up its adorable face, charges at Mimi's Maractus. ]

[ Mimi's been in her share of battles by this time, and she and Maractus have mostly gotten the hang of them. She's still not in love with the idea of fighting innocent Pokémon, but they do seem to enjoy engaging her. Maractus is relatively unscathed at this point - a few scuffs here and there, but still very able to fight. She charges the Hoppip, spikes at the ready. The Hoppip retaliates by bouncing up and down in place and not attacking at all. A few Pecks later, and it falls to the ground, deflated. ]

[ Mimi could at this point walk on, trusting that the wild Pokémon will pick itself up in time, as she's done following all previous battles. But something about this little guy causes her to pause. Maybe he looks especially pathetic lying there. Or maybe just especially adorable. Who are we kidding. It's the latter. ]

What was it Riku-san said about how to catch Pokémon? [ Mimi reaches into her bag, rummages around for a bit and pulls out one of those strange red-and-white balls. ] With these, right? Here goes...

[ She walks carefully toward the downed Pokémon, Pokéball at the ready. With great concentration, she reaches out the hand holding the ball and gently taps the Hoppip. He opens one eye a crack as the ball opens and a red light engulfs him. Suddenly, he's gone. ]

Where - ? Where did it go? [ Mimi shakes the Pokéball. ] Open, you stupid thing! [ Her fingers find the button. The ball opens again, and out pops the Hoppip, frisky as ever. ]

Wow! [ Mimi stares as the Hoppip frolics for a bit, then grabs her PokéGear and taps into the PokéConnect network. She's got to tell people about this! ]


[ video ]

[ Mimi's face pops up on the screen, glowing with excitement. ] I caught a Pokémon! Riku-san! Cecil-san! Everyone! I caught one! [ She gestures to a Hoppip, who is frolicking in the background without an apparent care in the world. The Maractus beside her rattles, a bit put out. ] I mean, Maractus and I caught it together, of course. [ A "Marac" of approval. ]

But I have a question! How do they fit inside those little balls? I mean, Hoppip's got to be several times the size of this! [ She holds up a Pokéball to the camera for illustration. ] How can it just pull them inside like that? Is it... [ her voice drops to a hushed whisper ] magic?
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[ Hello there, Route. Greeting you on the network this fine morning is the close-up feed of a young girl's extremely panicked face. In the background you can make out an open backpack and several items strewn across the ground. ]

Hello?! Taichi-san? Sora-san? Can you hear me? Help! I woke up in this weird house, and now I'm in this weird town, and my Digivice isn't working, and Palmon's here [ the camera pans to reveal a very confused-looking Maractus ] but she looks all different and she's not talking, she's just making these weird sounds -

[ "Marac?" ]

See! [ A half-sob. ] And there was this lady, she looked human and she said she was my mama but she's not, she's not my mama! [ She begins sobbing in earnest. ] I want my real mama! I want all this crazy stuff to stop already! I want...

[ An anguished wail rings out through New Bark Town. ]


[ The feed cuts out. ]


[ If you happen to be wandering around New Bark, feel free to bug Mimi as well! She'll probably stop crying long enough to talk to you. c: ]
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Location: Violet City
Travel Party: Gamzee Makara, Tobias
Money: P500

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Jun. 28th, 2014 08:42 pm
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